Activities Available in Singapore

Activities Available in Singapore

When a group visited Singapore a few years back, they had been on the road for more than ½ a year. By the time they reached this place at the South Eastern part of Asia, they were tired and drained already. They have spent most of their time hanging out in the malls, they were just drinking and sipping a cup of coffee while cooling down with the air-conditioning system. they have never left the downtown core. The cash is actually running out and the hotels are so costly. They have managed to walk around and they have missed so much already. If they only knew that there are discounted hotels around online, they may have been able to fit into a few more days to enjoy and to find out what Singapore has to offer.

They were just so amazed to know that Singapore has a lot of nature reserves and even parks that a person may check out. Who would ever though that the next most populous nation across the globe may have more natural sceneries for people to slow down a bit and have a good time with the nature. There is just a lot of things to do and visit in Singapore. It is not just meant for shopping savvies, but it is also meant for those who love to spend the night in a bar. There are some ideas meant for your outdoor adventure when you visit this small nation, you must be ready, because it is filled with all the adventures and activities that you could ever asked for.

First thing you can do upon arriving in Singapore is to check some of the rock climbing facilities. There are lots of it in this part of Asia. In fact, the old Bukit Timah Quarries is one of the most popular. There are more than fifty routes to challenge you and that ranges from the simple to the hardest routes. Rock climbing is quite new in this country, but a lot of people are now enjoying it. Another activity is wake boarding. This is not just famous, but the cable ski park as well. It seems like it is by far one of the best method to learn the new tricks using a board. You will be pulled around in a lagoon using a cable. It will be more affordable than renting a boat and then it will be available for around 8 riders that can be on the same cable one at a time, that will give you a lot of time into the water.

Paragliding is another activity, it is also available in Peru and in Nepal, however, they are more expensive. They are not really budget friendly. Probably, Singapore will be among the places that will surely become famous in this activity. There is a new adventure travel world of Singapore where you can try paragliding. Who doesn't know ziplining? The

Mega zip

park in Singapore is an outdoor activity area to make your adrenalin rush for the day.

You will go through the jungle canopy, mini bungee jump and rock climbing all at once with the zipline. If you are not a fan of bungee jumping and other activities, then you can try the zipline. It is more than fifty feet high, that made it known as the Mega Zip. You can also check out the Mount Faber Park. They have made this one perfect with all the beautiful views around. This is a nine-kilometer-wide park with greeneries around. The trails cut through the forest and it has the highest pedestrian bridge throughout the country.