Best Holiday Destinations in Singapore

Best Holiday Destinations in Singapore

It can be tricky just trying to choose the best holiday destination in a diverse country like Singapore. Why, Singapore- the island city- is what many describe as bursting to the seams- the city has exciting activities, impressive attractions and lots of day trips ideal for the whole family. Well, this tiny island-state is truly a land of many contrasts- you can visit Little India and Chinatown; both of these are bustling shopping hubs in their right. They also reflect Singapore's incredible ethnic diversity.

Generally, it's crucial to note that, in response to Covid -19, Singapore has introduced and implemented strict entry and movement restrictions that apply to visitors from all countries- this includes passengers on transit. We sincerely hope that world governments will end these travel restrictions so that everyone can once again live their lives to the full- just as they did before. Similarly, we hope that all countries in the world will invest more resources in improving essential services like medical health. Yes, we hope that governments won't keep restricting people and travel; yes, we know this is not sustainable in the long term. Now, here are some of the best holiday destinations for any visitor to Singapore:

Universal Studios, Singapore

The Universal Studios Singapore is recognized as the first amusement park of a peculiar kind to operate in Southeast Asia. The park features over 20 unique attractions that come in themed zones. These include Ancient Egypt, Hollywood, the Lost World, the Far Far Away and Madagascar.

Visit Marina Bay

The famous Singapore Marina Bay offers a truly spectacular sight of the beautiful city. Marina Bay and the surrounding areas have undergone a remarkable transformation that fit the ";epic proportions"; description throughout the years. Think of the $5.5 billion Marina Bay Sands Complex, for example. This is really the focal point of Marina Bay. Why, most of the things visitors love to see can be found around this area. There are several great buildings and resorts. Some of these include the Casino, the Science Museum and other elegant shopping and dining options that befit a wonderful holiday. While visiting, try to arrive at Marina Bay before 8 pm; this is how to catch the hugely spectacular show- the light show; the show usually illuminates the water beautifully. You may also enjoy seeing other iconic landmarks that you probably knew only from postcard prints.

Gardens by the Bay

This is one huge futuristic park located in the Singapore bay area and has been awarded many architecture accolades. While here, you can visit the famous Supertree structures and enjoy an impressive garden skywalk. You might also enjoy the recreated chilly mountain climate in the surrounding sea-shell-shaped greenhouses. Here, you'll discover hundreds of trees and plants. Certainly, Gardens by the Bay is the perfect destination for children and adults in equal measure.

Raffles Hotel

The Raffles Hotel is a delightful colonial-style hotel that has a long history going back to 1887. It's one of the most important landmarks on the island. Among the Raffle hotel's famous guests included Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson. The hotel has 103 suites, 18 bars and restaurants and over 40 stores and boutiques. Do you want to enjoy the best sling in town? Visit the Raffles Hotel. The experts here have more than 100 years experience making slings.

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer has been described as the world's largest observation wheel. The place offers a peculiar experience; the 150 diameter building is designed over a 3-story terminal structure. The wheel hurtles 165 metres high and can travel at about 0.21m per second. The building is actually taller than most buildings in a city like London. Yes, the Singapore Flyer offers visitors a fantastic panoramic view; things are entirely different during the day; they change considerably at night. You can see some famous city sights here, including Raffles Place, Empress Place, the Singapore River, the Padang, and Marina Bay in one sweep.


Another excellent destination point in Singapore is Sentosa. This is-essentially- a purpose-built island located some distance away from the southern tip of Singapore. The designers built Sentosa with one thing in mind: Leisure and enjoyment. There are several delightful collections of beaches, golf courses, theme parks, dining, shopping centres and many more. You can easily reach Sentosa by cable car or using the road. You can always access all the attractions offered here using the MRT in just 15 minutes, coming from downtown Singapore.