Best Singapore beaches

Best Singapore beaches

4 of the best Singapore beaches

East Coast Park Beach

East Coast Park Beach offers something for everybody. A very long, very popular Singaporean sun spot, this shows off the best of the south eastern coast. You can cycle, rollerblade or engage in any number of water sports in the crystal water. If you're feeling peckish, a trip to one of the many world class food stalls is highly recommended too.

Punggol Beach

Not so long ago, Punggol was a rather rural neck of the woods, populated by farmhouses and fish farms. Recently, however, it has transformed into a thriving though peaceful residential area. It also boasts a terrific, quiet little beach. A great place to collect your thoughts and take in the scenery.

Sentosa Palawan Beach

A trendy sandy sun spot, Sentosa is where the work hard, play hard Singaporean's who slave away in downtown's corporate bear pit Monday to Friday, come to chill out and catch some serious rays on the weekends. Once you take a dip in the legendary hot springs you'll see why it's so popular. Locals claim a soak in the springs will cure bad luck. We're not sure about that but we are sure it will make you feel a whole lot better if you've been working all week.

Sentosa Siloso Beach

The trendiest of trendy Singapore beaches is, without doubt, Sentosa Siloso. This is a constant buzz of activity, by day and night, with beach volleyball often the main attraction. All the fun water sports are, of course, on offer too – wakeboarding, skim boarding, canoeing – plus the cycling and blading you would expect to find on any self-respecting beach where the beautiful people hang out. It' a great place to eat too. Sunset Bay is our big tip for hungry beach bums – an unpretentious little spot with superb cocktails. Another good spot for a drink is The Cool Deck, on Siloso Beach Walk.