Singapore sets India Reclassification as Safe

Singapore sets India Reclassification as Safe

It was great news to Singapore in August 2021 when Germany reclassified India as "a high (Covid) incidence area," moving it away from the previously designated "virus variant area," which was subject to more stringent travel restrictions. As a result of this decision, the ban on Indian travelers entering the country has been lifted. Tourists from India who have received all of their necessary vaccinations are also welcome in Spain. Accordingly, with effect from October 2021, Singapore swiftly lifted its travel ban on India, Myanmar, and Pakistan, and Sri Lanka citizens. People who have traveled to these countries within the previous 14 days were permitted entry into Singapore. The Indian Express reported earlier that the Singapore government had announced travel restrictions for India, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka passengers on Saturday. Passengers from these countries would be permitted to enter the country even if they had visited these countries within the preceding 14 days. This was a welcome change for visitors to the island-state, which had imposed some of the most stringent travel restrictions since the COVID-19 pandemic first broke out.

The Singapore government had previously stated that visitors from many countries would be subjected to Category IV border controls upon arrival. Under this category, which is the most stringent of Singapore's four restriction levels, only citizens and permanent residents of Singapore and visitors who had been granted permission to enter through the Death and Critical Illness Emergency Visits Lane were permitted entry. All other visitors, including those who had received prior entry approvals, were barred from entering the country. Aside from that, eligible travelers must submit to a Covid-19 RT-PCR test at least 48 hours before departure, another test upon arrival in Singapore, and a 10-day quarantine stays at a quarantine facility dedicated to the prevention of disease.

As noted, the Ministry of Health of Singapore, in a statement, had said those who had traveled to Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka would not be permitted to enter or transit through Singapore. "Our team has reviewed the Covid-19 situation in each of the countries listed above. We have determined that all travelers who have a 14-day travel history in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, or Sri Lanka prior to departure for Singapore will only be permitted to enter and transit through Singapore beginning October 2021. Such travelers would be subject to Category IV border restrictions." The city-state has granted permission for people from many other countries where the Covid-19 situation is under control to enter the city-state. Those wishing to return to Singapore from India were required to spend at least 14 days in a third country before flying back to Singapore in order to avoid being barred.

In August, Singapore joined Germany and Brunei Darussalam to establish vaccinated travel lanes (VTL). VTLs are essentially extended travel corridors, but they are only available to travelers who have received all of their vaccinations. Currently, VTLs can be found in the following countries: Denmark, France; Italy; the Netherlands; Spain; Spain, the UK, Canada, the United States, and South Korea. Indian travelers are permitted to travel to a limited extent in a number of other countries. These countries include the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Spain, the Maldives, Turkey, and Thailand. According to the Turkish Embassy in New Delhi, travelers flying into Turkey from India will no longer be required to undergo the mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival if they have received all of the recommended vaccinations.

Travelers arriving from the following countries would be placed in Category III: Among the countries represented are S. Africa, Cambodia, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Rwanda, Malaysia, Mongolia, Qatar, Samoa, Seychelles, Tonga, UAE, and Vietnam. All travelers from Category III countries/regions (vaccinated or not) would be required to serve their 10-day SHN at their declared place of residence/accommodation, regardless of their vaccination status or travel history. An official of the Ministry of Health and Human Services said: "By default, they will not be assigned to any of the SHN facilities that are specifically designated for them. Returning residents should make arrangements for alternative housing prior to returning home if their current residences are unsuitable for them due to their SHN." The Ministry of Health has clarified that while Cat III travelers will serve their SHN at home, they should remain isolated in their room and avoid direct contact with vulnerable household members.

Best Holiday Destinations in Singapore

Best Holiday Destinations in Singapore

It can be tricky just trying to choose the best holiday destination in a diverse country like Singapore. Why, Singapore- the island city- is what many describe as bursting to the seams- the city has exciting activities, impressive attractions and lots of day trips ideal for the whole family. Well, this tiny island-state is truly a land of many contrasts- you can visit Little India and Chinatown; both of these are bustling shopping hubs in their right. They also reflect Singapore's incredible ethnic diversity.

Generally, it's crucial to note that, in response to Covid -19, Singapore has introduced and implemented strict entry and movement restrictions that apply to visitors from all countries- this includes passengers on transit. We sincerely hope that world governments will end these travel restrictions so that everyone can once again live their lives to the full- just as they did before. Similarly, we hope that all countries in the world will invest more resources in improving essential services like medical health. Yes, we hope that governments won't keep restricting people and travel; yes, we know this is not sustainable in the long term. Now, here are some of the best holiday destinations for any visitor to Singapore:

Universal Studios, Singapore

The Universal Studios Singapore is recognized as the first amusement park of a peculiar kind to operate in Southeast Asia. The park features over 20 unique attractions that come in themed zones. These include Ancient Egypt, Hollywood, the Lost World, the Far Far Away and Madagascar.

Visit Marina Bay

The famous Singapore Marina Bay offers a truly spectacular sight of the beautiful city. Marina Bay and the surrounding areas have undergone a remarkable transformation that fit the ";epic proportions"; description throughout the years. Think of the $5.5 billion Marina Bay Sands Complex, for example. This is really the focal point of Marina Bay. Why, most of the things visitors love to see can be found around this area. There are several great buildings and resorts. Some of these include the Casino, the Science Museum and other elegant shopping and dining options that befit a wonderful holiday. While visiting, try to arrive at Marina Bay before 8 pm; this is how to catch the hugely spectacular show- the light show; the show usually illuminates the water beautifully. You may also enjoy seeing other iconic landmarks that you probably knew only from postcard prints.

Gardens by the Bay

This is one huge futuristic park located in the Singapore bay area and has been awarded many architecture accolades. While here, you can visit the famous Supertree structures and enjoy an impressive garden skywalk. You might also enjoy the recreated chilly mountain climate in the surrounding sea-shell-shaped greenhouses. Here, you'll discover hundreds of trees and plants. Certainly, Gardens by the Bay is the perfect destination for children and adults in equal measure.

Raffles Hotel

The Raffles Hotel is a delightful colonial-style hotel that has a long history going back to 1887. It's one of the most important landmarks on the island. Among the Raffle hotel's famous guests included Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson. The hotel has 103 suites, 18 bars and restaurants and over 40 stores and boutiques. Do you want to enjoy the best sling in town? Visit the Raffles Hotel. The experts here have more than 100 years experience making slings.

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer has been described as the world's largest observation wheel. The place offers a peculiar experience; the 150 diameter building is designed over a 3-story terminal structure. The wheel hurtles 165 metres high and can travel at about 0.21m per second. The building is actually taller than most buildings in a city like London. Yes, the Singapore Flyer offers visitors a fantastic panoramic view; things are entirely different during the day; they change considerably at night. You can see some famous city sights here, including Raffles Place, Empress Place, the Singapore River, the Padang, and Marina Bay in one sweep.


Another excellent destination point in Singapore is Sentosa. This is-essentially- a purpose-built island located some distance away from the southern tip of Singapore. The designers built Sentosa with one thing in mind: Leisure and enjoyment. There are several delightful collections of beaches, golf courses, theme parks, dining, shopping centres and many more. You can easily reach Sentosa by cable car or using the road. You can always access all the attractions offered here using the MRT in just 15 minutes, coming from downtown Singapore.

Best Museums to Visit in Singapore

Best Museums to Visit in Singapore

These days, it's super easy to get cultured in Singapore; why, the Lion City happens to be home to several top-level museums and galleries in the entire region. Are you planning to fill up your free time with some culture and art? Simply make your way to the nearest museum. You'll get an opportunity to learn about the history and untold stories that have shaped the local people's identity for decades.

The National Museum

The Singapore National Museum happens to be the largest local museum. The museum has two main galleries- the Singapore Living Gallery and the Singapore History Gallery. The latter carefully traces Singapore's history, starting from how the nationhood began in the 14th century, going on to the current times. On its part, the Singapore Living Gallery dwells on four primary themes- fashion, food, photography and film. While here, ensure you visit the Story of the Forest section and the permanent exhibition; you'll definitely experience the power of the National Museum's collection- it's amazingly made vivid with a spectacular digital presentation.

ArtScience Museum

The art science Museum beautifully fuses art and science. The museum features 21 gallery spaces; it has hosted many world-famous exhibitions in the past. Many of these exhibitions featured costumes, props and sets from blockbuster films in the mould of the Harry Porter franchise and Titanic. You'll find that Future Word, which is the current permanent exhibition, is a true mind-bender. Team Lab, the Japanese art collective, is credited with designing the exhibition. The spectacular show memorably takes visitors around an exciting interactive journey characterized by digital art, music and magic.

The Asian Civilizations Museum

This museum is recognized as the first in the entire region to present an integrated perspective of civilizations and pan-Asian cultures. The museum has 11 galleries that showcase over 1,300 artefacts from various civilizations, including South Asia, West Asia and China. In this place, you can enjoy an exciting collection put together by modern Chinese masters as well as the famous Dr Tan Tsze Chor. There are many collections by several Singapore artists who prepared the exhibition pieces featuring the 20th-century turbulent events.

Changi Chapel and Museum

Changi Chapel Museum is hosted in a purpose-built venue; the chapel is actually a reconstruction work (note that the original came to Australia soon after the war). Many consider Changi Chapel Museum the most iconic of all World War II sites in Singapore. You might be particularly interested in hearing the stories of ingenuity and industry that come from within the POW camps located right there.

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

The Lee Kong Chian NHM is the first-ever South East Asia's natural history museum. The museum spreads over 2 floors and covers 2,500 sq m over 15 zones. The gallery section showcases more than 2,000 S. E Asian plant and animal specimens. You can enjoy the event highlight- it offers you the chance to get close to and familiarize yourself with several 150 million-year-old dinosaur fossils; there are three of these. What a sight!

Singapore Art Museum

This was a former boys' catholic school that was later converted into a public museum in the 1990s. At that time, the government had a policy that directed converting old colonial buildings into public utilities and museums. The Singapore Art Museum has relatively tiny, hidden gallery spaces. Thus, it has never had the chance to host any blockbuster shows. Instead, the museum focuses on holding smaller exhibitions. Most of these features 20th-century Asian visual art; it often draws from a private collection of pioneer art from S.E Asia. Note that the Singapore Art Museum was recently closed for redevelopment; it planned to reopen sometime in 2021.

Parkview Museum Singapore

This museum is otherwise known as the ";Gotham City"; building. The Parkview square carries the largest Italian art collection in the entire SE Asia region. It has a huge range of contemporary art features from Europe and Asia. The museum's private gallery has hosted exclusive exhibitions as well as themed showcases. It has also offered guided gallery tours for many art enthusiasts.

Creative Workshop and Gallery

The Creative Workshop Gallery was first established in the year 2002. The gallery generally promotes artistic experimentation with print and paper mediums. It features contemporary artworks and works with various international curators, gallerists and collectors. Do not forget to visit the Axis World; this is essentially an exhibition guest that the local art guru Tan Siuli curates.

SEA Aquarium Discover Marine Life

SEA Aquarium Discover Marine Life

Enter and explore the marine realm of S.E.A. Aquarium, home to more than 100,000 marine animals of over 1,000 species, across 45 different habitats, each one as fascinating as the next. It's a marine life experience you won’t forget.

Be greeted with a larger, more spacious and refreshed S.E.A. Aquarium adventure!

With the addition of a new immersive zone, your S.E.A Aquarium adventure is now extended into the tropical rainforest and intertidal coastal terrains before taking you across the underwater cities of brightly-hued coral reefs. Offering plenty of open spaces for everyone to explore and view the exhibits with safe management measures in place, the enhanced zone will intrigue young and old with its eye-catching educational displays that inspire marine conservation.

At the new Rainforest, Intertidal and Coral Reef Habitats, come face to face with interesting creatures such as the poison arrow frog, epaulette shark, native knobbly sea star and the colourful plant-like animals – coral frags. It’s good news all around! S.E.A Aquarium has also welcomed more babies to the sea family! Among the newborns are the distinctive leopard whipray and white-tip reef shark, both listed as "Vulnerable" and "Threatened" in the IUCN1 Red List of Threatened Species belonging to the elasmobranch (both sharks and rays) species. Other newborns like the poison arrow frog and epaulette shark are housed at the new zone, so keep an eye out for them there.

S.E.A. Aquarium Fun Academy

Learning doesn't have to be boring, and here at S.E.A. Aquarium, it's always fun! Check out their series of engaging activities for children from pre-school to primary school to learn all about marine animals and ocean conservation.

Safer Moments Together

In view of the prevailing COVID-19 developments in Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa will be operating at reduced guest capacity and observing tighter safe management measures in accordance with the Government’s latest guidelines.

On their website they say: The well-being of all our guests and team members has always been our priority. We are committed to supporting the Multi-Ministry Taskforce and adhering to the Phase 3 (Heightened Alert) safe management measures that have been announced in light of the heightened COVID-19 situation. Most of your favourite attractions and hotels are operating at revised capacities. Additionally, TraceTogether-only SafeEntry has been implemented across the resort to ensure that every moment is as safe as it is enjoyable for everyone.