Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin - Simpler Times

It's not very often that we get to go back in time and visit a community which enjoys living with minimal essentials and in simpler conditions. The small island is an under 10 minute boat ride away from the mainland of Singapore and offers a complete getaway from the fast paced city life.

It's an ideal experience for those who are looking to try something different. On a spiritual note, it's a great opportunity to step out of the hectic everyday routines and see life from a slower, humbler point of view. Hiring a bike is the recommended way to see the island but the hiker in you is always welcome to stretch their legs and opt for a stroll instead.

As an alternative to a day trip, you may want to consider staying for an entire weekend, or even a week, to really take in the tranquility of the un-urbanized island. Renting a beach villa on the Celestial Resort is a wonderful way to spend your days lazing on the shore, exploring rare plant and wildlife or even hiring a kayak and going on your own adventure.

It's ideal for anyone seeking a slower, leisurely paced experience. The main Island of Singapore is bustling with lots to do and lots to see and this is the perfect counterpoint to that. It could also be great for a family outing, with biking and sights being the main attraction.

A photographer would find much inspiration here and has the opportunity to capture photographs of a nature not readily available anywhere else in the world. It's a genuine glimpse into the 1960s in terms of how people live and offers much scenic composition. The occupied kampong houses are still in tact and make wonderful subjects for photographs. Please be considerate and ask permission before you photograph any of the locals.

The island is undergoing a progressive redevelopment and the few local inhabitants that remain are mostly fishermen and farmers. It is slowly but surely becoming a nature park and those fortunate enough to visit it should relish in its humble treasures while they are still available to view.


Bring refreshments with you.

The mosquitos are always hungry so make sure you bring a good repellent with you.

You'll be in the sun all day so bring a hat and sunscreen.

Sudden showers are also quite common so dress in clothes that you don't mind getting wet or muddy.