Singapore - sunshine and humidity

Singapore - sunshine and humidity

If you are new to traveling to the Far East, there may be certain things you would like to find out about Singapore's climate. Singapore lies in a tropical zone, meaning that you can expect to experience heat and humidity throughout the year. The minimum average temperature is 23°Celsius, and the maximum is around 31°. The readings for humidity range between 70 and 80%.

The climate is mostly dry with occasional showers, although you can expect monsoons, the season for which lasts from November through to January. As far as Asian weather is concerned, Singapore's climate is relatively favourable. Many visitors, especially those from colder countries in Northern Europe, are drawn here because of the pleasant heat. The soothing combination of warmth and moisture is ideal for those out and about exploring the attractions the city state has to offer.

Basically, Singapore has the same overall climate as the tropical rainforests in this part of the world. Average daily temperatures do not tend to fluctuate very much, with the region's proximity to the equator meaning heat and humidity remain constant throughout the year. A further part of the equation is the fact that Singapore is an island lying in the South China Sea. This means that cool sea breezes frequently waft inwards, making for a refreshing counterbalance to the heat during the long summer days.

In order to cope with these climate conditions, the ideal fashion decisions for any tourist should include light clothes, with a portable umbrella in case of sudden downpours. During the monsoon season, there maybe three to four days of continuous rainfall. Even as the season begins to peter out towards April, there is still an increased likelihood of tropical showers. Between June and September you may experience the south-west monsoon, driven by southerly winds. The good news is that because Singapore is so dense populated, you are never far from a doorway to shelter under should you be unlucky enough to be caught in the open during one of these cloudbursts!

Especially for travelers from the northern hemisphere, it is a good idea to take adequate precautions against the heat. The combination of warmth and moisture can prove deceptive, with travelers not appreciating how much exposure they have had to direct sunshine until they get back to their hotel and feel sunburned. So a good idea is to have a supply of lotions, moisturizers, sun-blocks and other skin creams.

There is no particular time of year that is more advisable than others for visiting Singapore. Its pleasant climate is ideal for those wishing to experience the heat the Far East offers, tempered with moisture and occasional showers.