Singapores best beaches

Singapores best beaches

Singapore may be thought of in many people's minds as a thriving metropolis, and location of one of the globe's key financial hubs, nevertheless there is far more to this Asian jewel. Its beaches are particularly impressive, well known to Singaporeans, and growing to be ever more appreciated by an increasing numbers of foreign visitors.

Sembawang Beach

Sembawang, a tranquil beach and park, stands on land once occupied by the British army. Indeed, the former colonial residence of Admiral Beaulieu stood here, at Sembawang Jetty, an austere building which has been lovingly restored. Thankfully, there is little evidence of its martial past, as locals congregate here to take advantage of its excellent leisure opportunities – for swimming, bathing, jogging, or simply relaxing and enjoying the restful ambience.

Senotosa Palawan

This beach is particularly popular as a weekend getaway spot. After a long week's toil in Singapore's commercial, financial and retail outlets, workers love making the short journey out to Senotosa Palawan to chill out. It is easily accessible, either by taking the Yellow Line bus to Dolphin Lagoon, next to the beach, hopping on the train from Tanjong Beach, or choosing from the Blue or Green Line buses to Siloso Beach then swapping to the Red Line.

This sandy beach offers superb walking opportunities, and is especially popular with dog walkers while enjoying the sunsets. The beach incudes a suspension boardwalk that will allow you to stroll to the southernmost point of the Asian continent. Surrounded by tall coconut trees and lush, fragrant shrubs, you'll find many perfect vantage points to relish the view over the South China Sea.

The beach also hosts two renowned bars – Bora Bora and Club Islander (Singapore's first ever beach club). The atmosphere is second to none, and as well as the stunning landscapes you can listen to jazz musicians while sampling Singapore Slings and other fabulous cocktails.

Sentosa Tanjong

Tanjong is often referred to as Singapore's finest. The waters are clear, the extensive sands uniformly golden, and the landscape is shrouded with nodding palm trees. While the beach is particularly peaceful during the daytime, things get a whole lot hotter after the sun has set. Many Ibiza and 'Zouk Out' parties have been hosted here over the years. The beach bar km8 resonates to pulsating dance rhythms as a succession of DJ's spin the discs, frequently augmented by percussive grooves on steel drums or bongos. What else? This beach bar boasts a 7.3 x 3.6 metre Jacuzzi on a raised wooden deck – you can't get a more temperature-rising attraction in any club than that!