Best beaches near Singapore

Best beaches near Singapore

Holiday destinations that are required outside the borders of Singapore will require that you first get clearance from the immigration department. This is because travel visas and passports might apply. These destinations are near Singapore and will not require much of logistics of travelling.

The batu batu resort is one of these destinations. Located in Malaysia, it provides families with all forms of entertainment, dishes and beaches to make merry while on holiday. From children's play stations and access to seven beaches, batu batu is a three hour drive from Singapore. You will be required to board a speed boat to the batu batu paradise. For the small toddlers, it is advisable that they be provided with strollers when moving around the balconies.

In the state of Indonesia, Nikoi presents one of the most spectacular and beautiful holiday destinations for families. There is a huge intermix of the traditional and modern cultures that has helped in the conservation of the ecological surrounding of the resort. You will come along eggs laid by turtles along its beaches. Apart from the beach, there are other forms of games and engagements that kids can be involved with. Even though there are no television sets hanging on the walls of the hotel's rooms and very weak to almost no internet , Nikoi stands out as one of the most charming holiday destination for families. From Singapore, you can take advantage of the ferry services and commute to Bintam where you will connect to the resort after a forty five minute drive.

The Bintan has for a long time been a holiday destination for families from Singapore. Both the med club and the gardens of Nirwana presents kids with a lifetime experience to never forget when it comes to fun and beaches exploration. Various activities such as riding of horses, bowling and flying of foxes are some of the engagements that families can engage in for fun.

A spa and beach resort duped Pulai is a beach that is closest to the land of Singapore. It is two hour drive from the borders of Singapore to its spectacular beaches. There are alternative routes to the resort that you can use to avoid busy traffic. There are no limitations to the amount of luggage that you would like to carry and in case in need for any of them, there various shop outlets that you can purchase them at a friendly cost.

The Rawa resort, located in Malaysia is an outstanding holiday destination with the comfort of elegance presented by the stylish architectural designs as well as the comfort the hotel provides to the families relishing holidays here. From playing volleyball , the beaches presents a huge area and a beehive of activities that families can engage in. even though it might not be a good consideration when there are rains , it stands out as one of the most outstanding resorts in Malaysia.

The Hyatt Kuantan presents a lot of surprises for the families coming in for holidays. The beach is conducive for kids as the waves are moderate, the water is also clean. Eating and drinking is catered for in the most nobble way. For those that would also love to spend a quality time with their families here, it is a drive that will take not more than seven hours.

The montigo resort is located in the state of Indonesia. The rooms present a good view of the ocean and activities going on along its beaches. The hotel is very large that you might be required to use a golf cart to ferry you to your desired spot either along the beach or to the reef. Those kids that would love to build castles and empires with sand have all the space and sand to do it here.

Another Indonesia beach resort is the Telunas (photo), having both a beach and island that has restricted entry, meaning it is private and accessed through procedural bookings. Here, rooms and prices are standardized. There is a challenge for communication due to low or no internet and even televisions.

The Sea gypsy presents a rustic kind of resort in Malaysia. Here, hot water for the kids is provided when you request them to do so, the taps open ice cold water. There are also no internet services or televisions to keep you updated of the current affairs around the globe. This resort presents families with a menu for the small kids; their specialized entertainment and child lock door systems to control explorations and discovery nature of children.

Caution should however be taken on the type of water the children partake while on such holiday destinations. Exclusively buy bottled water, the water from the taps can be quite wanting and might compromise the health of the small kids.