NFT celebrated Mother's Day in 2023

Mintable, the Singapore-based Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, invites people everywhere to celebrate International Mother's Day with free personalised NFTs for their mums. Anyone may take advantage of the offer by visiting Mintable is so confident of the ease of use and speed, both to mint an NFT and open a wallet, that it can offer these personalised NFTs for free.

The simple gifting process takes just a few clicks for mothers anywhere to receive an email with a link to their NFT, which will be stored in a managed wallet. Recipients with a Metamask wallet will receive the NFT directly into their wallet.

As the company's Web3 platform is increasingly being used by a wide variety of organisations around the world, Mother's Day is the ideal day to demonstrate how simple NFTs can be. NFTs can last forever once recorded on a blockchain, making them timeless gifts that can be given and received by anyone. Mintable's free and customisable Mother's Day NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchain and no prior knowledge of NFTs or crypto wallets is necessary to send or receive them.

Zach Burks, Founder and CEO of Mintable, said: "Web3 and NFTs in particular are fast becoming the new normal for many organisations. We want people everywhere to have the option of sending heartfelt mementos to their mums. The progress we have made with our platform makes creating or receiving an NFT as easy as email. Our goal is to deliver all the benefits of new technologies to our users with none of the usual pains."

The Ethereum blockchain is renowned for its high security and reliability, but it is also known for high transaction fees (known as 'gas fees') and limited scalability. Mintable, however, leverages its proprietary gasless minting technology to mint NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain at scale and for free. A game-changer in the NFT space, Mintable's proprietary technology, which is offered by the company's B2B service, called 'Mintology' by Mintable, allows for frictionless NFT creation to increase accessibility.